I’m so exhausted right now, but I wanted to post something and keep up.

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow,

it sucks when your mom doesn’t make you go anymore.

I’m just staring at this screen in my room… I have a huge mirror on my left side and I can see my glowing face out of the corner of my own eye. its pretty creepy, honestly.

god, I don’t know if i know how to write anymore.

I miss it.

I actually enjoy writing, physically writing. And handwriting in general, it’s interesting.

I admire my handwriting, although sometimes I can’t read it.

Isn’t it weird how sometimes you can’t recognize your own handwriting?

Or when you notice new little tweaks in its character?

Over the past year or so I’ve started writing my lower-case “s” in cursive; the very letter that gave me such anxiety in 3rd grade.

I couldn’t get the right little point at the top.

And truly, I still cant.

Sometimes it looks like an “o”… basically its just harder to read.

I don’t know why I started doing it either, just strange.

^^ i was kind of on a roll for that and i feel like it’s pretty lame

I also feel like I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself.

I also feel tired,

And wide awake.

Just caught myself staring into blank space.

probably looked extra creepy in the mirror.

I’m pretty much brain dead and cannot continue.

but on a note for next time;


I just had a great thought.


P.S. buy socks