this is my first blog post ever… actually i think i did one in high school for an assignment…. so maybe my second blog post ever.

it’s easier for me to type everything that im thinking without exactly using proper punctuation, i hope its not too annoying.

sooo, a little about myself…

im totally awkward. painfully, at times.

i have a big heart and i love to laugh.

if i was rich, i would go broke giving to other people.

i love smiling, smiling’s my favorite.

i love pickles and pickle juice…. and pickle shots.

i have a cat… his name is Roger. no D. Roger that?

i love to write and read and draw and paint.

i wish i could fly (mainly because traffic sucks… ahem. austin, texas).

im really not a good driver, and i actually try.

cheese fries are my not-so-guilty pleasure.

i want to travel the world more than anything.

i hate that money matters.

i don’t know if i want to get married/have kids.

im told that im “cool weird” on a weekly basis… but come on, all weird is cool.

i believe in aliens.

i don’t believe in god.

im trying not to slouch, i feel like posture doesn’t matter like it used to.

i don’t like watching sad movies bc i always cry.

im slouching right now.

i have big, lioness, hair.

i love to play tennis and soccer.

i hate the word hate.

oh, and apple sauce is gross.