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July 2015

I’m (kind of) becoming a grown up.

Yesterday was a day full of errands.

I bet bet you’re thinking, “oh, god stop this now,” because you all know errands so well.

Well, you may be right…. but I spent a good 3 hours and 20$ in quarters, (my favorite coin) at “Quik Wash” laundromat…. and I currently do not have one item of (technically) dirty clothing.

This gave me great joy, and inspired me to go to Dollar General… that “dollar store” where most things actually cost more than a dollar.

I got a number of stupid things but my favorites are definitely this off-brand pack of clicky gel pens and a small red sauce pot (I’ve been cooking everything in a huge stew pot? I don’t know what the hell its called…its humongous, and completely ridiculous to cook ramen in.)

At first, I was a little confused…. and sad as to why I would be so excited about an 8-pack of clicky gel pens; black.

I even opened the package carefully enough not to ruin the sorta-cardboard on┬áthe back, just so I could scribble my name all over it. Pens are great. Love ’em.

I’m just starting to realize how terribly boring this post is… Sorry to whoever is reading.

Point is, I’m easily amused.

…and I’m going to start taking photos of my “exciting” experiences and food, probably…. and uploading them on here.

My posts will become more interesting… Promise.

I’m just getting the hang of it,


P.S. Do a random act of kindness today….cuz why not.

hello world wide web, im katie lee roberts

this is my first blog post ever… actually i think i did one in high school for an assignment…. so maybe my second blog post ever.

it’s easier for me to type everything that im thinking without exactly using proper punctuation, i hope its not too annoying.

sooo, a little about myself…

im totally awkward. painfully, at times.

i have a big heart and i love to laugh.

if i was rich, i would go broke giving to other people.

i love smiling, smiling’s my favorite.

i love pickles and pickle juice…. and pickle shots.

i have a cat… his name is Roger. no D. Roger that?

i love to write and read and draw and paint.

i wish i could fly (mainly because traffic sucks… ahem. austin, texas).

im really not a good driver, and i actually try.

cheese fries are my not-so-guilty pleasure.

i want to travel the world more than anything.

i hate that money matters.

i don’t know if i want to get married/have kids.

im told that im “cool weird” on a weekly basis… but come on, all weird is cool.

i believe in aliens.

i don’t believe in god.

im trying not to slouch, i feel like posture doesn’t matter like it used to.

i don’t like watching sad movies bc i always cry.

im slouching right now.

i have big, lioness, hair.

i love to play tennis and soccer.

i hate the word hate.

oh, and apple sauce is gross.

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